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Almighty Cleanse Frequently Asked Questions

What is Almighty Cleanse?

It is a dual formula dietary supplement that adds support to the body's natural eliminative functions which then helps clean out the colon*.

Is Almighty Cleanse all-natural and/or vegetarian?

Yes, it is all-natural AND vegetarian.

Who created Almighty Cleanse and what are their credentials?

How long has Almighty Cleanse been available?

This product is new and not available before 2006. Danny Vierra has been selling similar products for over 20 years in his health food stores.

How is Almighty Cleanse distributed?

Almighty Cleanse is distributed and marketed exclusively through ITV which is located in Beverly, Massachusetts.

Is this product approved by the FDA?

Almighty Cleanse is a dietary supplement. Dietary supplements are not "approved" by the FDA; however the manufacturing plant is regulated by the FDA. Almighty Cleanse is a safe, all-natural product that is backed by years of scientific research. The FDA and FTC do control the marketing of dietary supplements for the protection of the consumer. Any claims by a marketer that a dietary supplement can treat, cure, prevent any disease or diagnose are prohibited.

What testing has been conducted on Almighty Cleanse?

Double blind trials have been conducted that confirm that certain ingredients contained in Almighty Cleanse (using the dosage contained in the product), naturally help promote the body's natural eliminative processes*.


What are the benefits of this product?

Many people experience more energy and feel lighter with colon cleansing*.

What are the effects of Almighty Cleanse?

By promoting the volume and frequency of elimination, Almighty Cleanse helps the body eliminate waste*. You can experience an increase in the volume and frequency of bowel movements which helps the body naturally clean the colon.

Will Almighty Cleanse help with occasional constipation and the bloating sometimes associated with it?

This product may help with occasional constipation and bloating*. However, persistent or chronic constipation is a disease and this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Anyone who has a medical condition must consult with their physician before beginning this program or any other nutritional program.

Will Almighty Cleanse help remove toxins from the gastrointestinal tract?

Yes, the ingredients contained in this product have been shown to remove toxins from the gastrointestinal tract.

Are there any side effects associated with this product?

Some people may experience cramping and slight stomach gurgling in response to using Almighty Cleanse.

How fast will Almighty Cleanse work?

Since everyone's body is different, reaction times will vary. Formula One typically works within six to eight hours when taken at a high enough dose (see direction). The reaction times for Formula Two are similar*.

What does Formula Two taste like and why is it black?

There is no noticeable taste with Formula Two. It is dark because it contains charcoal which helps remove toxins.

How do I know if I have toxic buildup of fecal matter in my intestine?

You should address this question to your doctor as it is a medical matter.

How many bowel movements a day should I have?

Since everyone's body is different, what works for one person may not be what works for another person. The medical community advocates bowel movements from three a day to three per week. Danny advocates about two to three a day. We know our customers know what is regular for them and leave it to their discretion.


Can children and/or animals use this product?

No, animals and anyone under 18 years of age should NOT take Almighty Cleanse.

What about women who are pregnant or nursing?

No, women who are pregnant or nursing should NOT use this product.

Can people who are taking prescription medication or have a medical condition use Almighty Cleanse?

Anyone who is taking medication or has a medical condition must consult their physician before using this product.

Can people taking other colon promotion products use Almighty Cleanse?

It is not recommended using other colon products while on this program.

What about taking supplements with Almighty Cleanse?

Yes, you can continue taking your daily supplements and vitamins while on this program.

Can people with allergies use this product?

If you have allergies, you must consult with your physician before using Almighty Cleanse. Black Walnuts are contained in Formula One which can cause an allergic reaction in people with a history of tree nut allergies (please refer to the allergen warning on the label).

Is there gluten or dairy in Almighty Cleanse?

No, this product is dairy and gluten-free.

Will people who smoke benefit from this product?

Yes, and it is recommended avoiding other unnecessary bowel effecting chemicals such as nicotine while on the Almighty Cleanse program. It is always recommended to quit smoking.

Can people who drink coffee still benefit from Almighty Cleanse?

Yes, however it is recommended avoiding unnecessary bowel effecting chemicals such as caffeine while on this program.

Is it okay to drink alcohol while on this program?

Drinking alcohol while on the Almighty Cleanse program is not advisable.


How do I take it?

Please refer to the label on the product

How should I use Formula One?

Please refer to the label on the product.

When do I stop taking Formula One?

You will stop Formula One when you have completely finished the provided supply of Formula Two.

How do I take Formula Two?

Please refer to the label on this product.

When should I start taking Formula Two?

When Formula One produces a frequency in bowel movements.

When do I stop taking Formula Two?

When you have finished taking the supply of Formula Two which is the finish of the cleanse.

What is a level scoop?

A level scoop is approximately one heaping teaspoon or eight grams.

Why do I have to drink Formula Two immediately after mixing?

Formula Two will develop clumps if allowed to sit.

How often should I cleanse?

Danny Vierra recommends cleansing with the seasons - every three months.

Can I continue with Formula One when I'm finished with Formula Two?

Formula One is a powerful supplement not recommended for long term use. We do not recommend using it after you're finished with Formula Two.

Do I need to change my daily routine while using Almighty Cleanse?

You do not need to change your daily routine to experience results from this program. However, it is recommended that you follow one of the dietary plans outlined in 'Thank you for purchasing Almighty Cleanse' letter.

Do I need to change my exercise routine while on this program?

No not at all.

Which dietary plan should I follow?

This is a decision you will have to make and depends upon your own commitment.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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