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Independent Business Owners:

  • Save up to 50% off TV Products!

  • Receive Discounts and Promotions

  • Try free product samples

  • Learn about and order new products before they are released to the public

  • Receive the latest health improvement and product information


Ready to escape the rat race?

If you crave financial independence and dream of a better lifestyle, then the newly formed TV wants to hear from you today.

The truth is there's no limit on how much money you can earn as an Independent Business Owner. The simple yet comprehensive training system takes as much time as to watch a couple of movies. And you ready with a steady revenue stream for years to come.

The concept is simple: You get paid to connect purchase-ready customers with the products they want. These targeted hot leads have expressed interest in the products, and in many cases, have purchased them before.

So, you don't have to recruit your friends or family. And you don't need to be a superior salesperson. What you do need is a few spare hours every week and the drive to succeed.

You'll soon discover why this wonderful new opportunity is in a league of its own.

A new wealth-generating movement is emerging. The recent formation of TV signals a new era in home business ownership, a new wave of self-made financial success stories… and for many, the opportunity for substantial wealth.

Industry insiders are describing it as one of the most innovative home-based business ventures ever created. It embodies the maturity of media giant TV. But its take-charge, trailblazing corporate culture echoes that of a success-driven, fledgling company.

A new playing field is emerging. Will you be part of it? Sign up to become an Independent Business Owner today.

This brings to you a home based income generating opportunity that is radically different from the existing ones. It is also outrageously more rewarding in comparison.

There are no tough leads to follow, no convincing of near and dear ones to sign up and no extensive sales pitches to deliver everyday. You just need to put in a few hours every week to earn what you will make in months with other home based ventures. Didn't we say this one is different?

Incredible profits are possible as it is the only network marketing company launched and promoted by a multi-million dollar media company. Thus your efforts are backed and multiplied by the successes of a powerful media company.

As in most other home based business opportunities, you are not alone out there trying to convert indifferent souls to your offerings. Thanks to aggressive national media coverage, you have targeted leads delivered at your doorstep. While all of them would have heard of the products, many would have actually bought it before.

Therefore, your profits are not based on hard selling some never-heard products. You deliver branded products that people are looking from day one.

Imagine leads that are generated by infomercials. Moreover, you can "customize" the highly targeted leads you want to work with!

Earn assured profits up to 100% on all your retail sales. This is the singular home based income plan that assures you of such incredible earnings. Become an Independent Business Owner today.

The difference between TV and any other home based income plan is the solid backing of a media powerhouse. Now, as you would know that makes a huge difference when it comes to generating targeted leads.

You are selling products of established and successful companies with years of solid success. Millions have already been made in sales and more is being added everyday. Are you ready for a share in the ever growing pie?

Thanks to solid marketing strategies, a growth rate of 70% has been recorded in the last 3 years. The growth rate is poised to improve with time. So if you have the hunger for success, you have a way to it now.

In fact, the projections for year 2006 are as high as $100 million. By being an Independent Business Owner, you can have a success story of your own.

Benefit from the experience and established success of TV. Become an Independent Business Owner today.

Looking to be a part of a fast growing enterprise?

TV sales have been growing at a rate of 70% over the last 3 years. The only way it is expected to move in the coming years is UP. In fact, sales projections for the year 2006 are $100 million.

When you join as an Independent Business Owner, you become part of a well established and ever growing corporate presence.

To get the incredible benefits that such affiliation gets you, you don't have to be a great sales person or a brilliant entrepreneur. You just need the desire to be successful and a few hours per week.

Media drives the sales. That is the secret behind the immense success of TV and the internet is the massive media support.

High quality leads are generated by top 10 rated infomercials. And as an Independent Business Owner, you receive all the benefits in form of targeted leads.

The infomercials give the products wide national and regional coverage. Thus you never run the risk of running a narrowly targeted campaign. In fact, the success of campaigns is slated to reach new heights with radio and print campaigns scheduled for 2007.

The highly successful campaigns ensure that you sit at home and reap the benefits as we do all the hard work. Your sales are made easier by nationally ranked infomercials from Jordan Whitney & IMS.

These infomercials have been consistently ranked in the top 10. In fact, TV accounts for more winning infomercials in the past 3 years than any other company. Thus you have the best sales agents in the industry! Become an Independent Business Owner today.

TV makes selling products easy as never before.

Extensive national and regional media coverage promote products that people need and demand. It takes minimal effort from your side to convert the hot leads into customers.

Each of the products is backed by science and perfected by nature. The high quality products ensure that the customers keep coming back for more. You have to spend a few hours every week so that they keep coming back to you.

The most recognized TV personalities promote the products through top 10 ranked infomercials. Thus you are not required to push lesser known and unreliable products. You serve as the source of brands that are well known and trusted by people.

The aggressive marketing strategies have paid off remarkably well as 100,000 units are being shipped every month! By becoming an Independent Business Owner you can have a share in the immense wealth that is being created.

Thus you don't have to wait for the business to gather volume when you can start making profits. In fact, you can start making money from day one. Become an Independent Business Owner today.

TV is a home based business opportunity where you relax at home while an army of elite marketers drive qualified leads to you.

The infomercials aired across the nation are from Jordan Whitney & IMS. Over $50 million is spent on these infomercials and the most well known faces on television promote the products. All this so that you can reap the benefits.

Each TV infomercial generates the leads for you to grow your income and build your business. When you become an Independent Business Owner, you get exclusive access to purchase these hot leads.

Getting income generating leads was never so easy. Whole new breeds of income generating leads are generated for you through the combination of Direct Response TV with Network Marketing. You maximize on these leads to create wealth that is limited only by your drive to earn.

This hugely rewarding income opportunity is incomparable to any other direct response programs. And it's not everyday that you come across life changing opportunities. Become an Independent Business Owner today.

TV implies unparalleled advantage.

To maximize the earnings of Independent Business Owners, leads are driven directly to them. Working a few hours per week, you can choose the leads that you want to work with from hundreds that you receive.

Hottest leads are generated by shows that are aired across the country and feature the most known faces in the television industry. One show can actually leads to thousands of calls.

With 7 out of 10 callers asking for more information, the proportion of casual callers and cold trails are remarkably less. So all you have to do is provide relevant and useful information to convert a caller into a customer. It's that easy.

You also make courtesy calls to convert leads to become members, IBOs or customers. Your income depends on retail profits plus member and matrix commissions. Thus there is no limit to how much you can earn. Become an IBO today.

TV is for everyone.

No matter who you are and what your capabilities are, if you have the hunger for success it is for you.

There are multiple ways of earning incredible amounts of money and fast. There are numerous flexible programs which can be customized to suit your strengths and preferences.

Home based business opportunity was never so easy and rewarding. Your become the source of products that are marketed by a multi-million dollar media company and promoted by the most known faces in the entertainment industry.

No matter how you build your business, the highly successful program ensures that you get the leads and make the profits. As an IBO you have exclusive access to purchase the leads generated by TV which can drive any income generating opportunity. Become an Independent Business Owner today.

TV brings to you multiple opportunities for huge earnings.

You can select and customize a program to suit your capabilities and preferences. And you are ready for your share of immense wealth that is being created out there.

The first opportunity relates to retail sales. Here you earn one of the highest profits on product sales in the industry. You serve as the source of in demand and high quality products. These products are promoted by a multi-million dollar media company through top rated infomercials and the most known faces in the entertainment industry.

The second opportunity is for total living discount members. There are three ways to earn handsome incomes with every membership conversion. The rewards are, in keeping with the TV motto, on of the highest in the industry.

The third opportunity enables you to become an Independent Business Owner. Spend a few hours per week, sponsor IBOs, build a powerful matrix and see your income explode.

Thus no matter what your capabilities and inclinations are; there is an opportunity for you to earn really incredible amounts. If you have the drive to make it big, do it now. Grab your opportunity today.

No grueling sales calls. Just simple courtesy calls. Earn money fast and with ease.

As you can see, you cater to people who have already seen and have been impressed with the products. You make courtesy calls to highly qualified leads. Most of these leads have already used the products before. Thus it is not a regular sales call.

TV assures of up to 100% profit on every retail sale. You earn continuous monthly income every month when customers register for Order Assurance Program. Higher rates of profit and trusted source of income is what differentiates TV from others.

You have great earnings and least concerns. You don't have to drive leads, hard sell unknown products and no need to manage inventory. Products are directly shipped to your customers without your having to bother about deliveries. With such impeccable support, this is earning big bucks made easy. Join today!

TV brings you incredible retail profits. Thanks to the Lead Generation Program & Incredible Profits.

For example,

Your customer purchases Flex Protex: $49.95
Your wholesale price: $25.00
Your profit (money in your pocket): $24.95

Thus you earn as much as 100% profit on retail sale. No other home based income opportunity rewards you as impressively.

In fact, with a 1 year Order Assurance customer you could earn $179.40! This is the sum after subtracting $10 off on retail price that customers get on every Order Assurance. With hundred customers you can earn an incredible $17,940.

Thanks to solid marketing and internet marketing strategies, it is not even difficult. If you are ready for a world of incredible opportunities, become an Independent Business Owner today.

TV's membership gets you rich rewards the easy way.

Yes. It means that you earn good money with minimal efforts. Get your family and friends to become a highly rewarding Total Living member (TLM). For every TLM, you earn:

  • $25 Enrolling Bonus

  • Personal Commissions

  • Matrix Commissions

Now you can offer your IBO pricing to your friends and still earn money too. This is also a great option for prospects who don't want to become an Independent Business Owner but use TV products anyway.

When your TLMs register for an Order Assurance Program, you get paid every month on a continuous basis. When you have more TLMs, which is not difficult given the solid nationwide marketing, you have a reliable source of monthly income.

TV Venture's Total Living Members (TLM) program is a great way to earn big money. In fact, with enrolment of every TLM, you get rewarded in 3 exciting ways.

First you earn $25 as Enrolling Bonus. You receive this bonus when you enroll your new Total Living Discount Member and every year the membership is renewed.

Second, you receive personal commissions on the purchase of the TLMs. 35% commission is paid on ½ the wholesale value of a member's order. For example, if the member's order is of $100, 35% commission paid on $50 makes you $17.50.

Third, you also receive Matrix payout commissions. 50% of wholesale value of a Member's order counts towards your monthly Personal Volume requirement and towards Group Volume in your sponsor's Matrix. For example, if the wholesale value is $100, $50 is counted in the sponsor's matrix and stimulates commission payments of 2% to 8%.

Thus you receive regular payments on every Total Living Member. This is why it is a wonderful way of regular income.

TV offers you the opportunity to multiply your income by becoming an Individual Business Owner. You impart financial independence on others and achieve your financial dreams too.

Each time you sponsor a new IBO, you get $150 Fast Cash Bonus paid as a commission on the product included in the Premier IBO Package. Now you know why TV is known to offer the most generous sponsors.

However this is not all that you earn. Every time your personally sponsored IBOs sponsor, you receive a $20 "Mentoring" bonus!

Your earning potential is greatly heightened when your organization grows. You actually sponsor with a geometric progression in multiples of 4. Get introduced to the Power Matrix and take your earnings to a new level.

Becoming an TV Independent Business Owner offers outstanding benefits. These benefits are exclusive to the IBOs.

To begin with you receive wholesale discounts on all TV products. You also receive weekly bonus and retail profit checks and monthly Matrix Commission checks.

In addition to these you gain exclusive access to TV generated qualified leads. These are leads which are generated by high rated infomercials and have prior exposure to the products. In fact, many of them have actually used them before.

A personalized website is created for you when you sign up as an IBO. Thus there are no starting up problems. You can start earning from day one. The professional and solid support from TV makes multiplying your income really easy.

The Management Center provides all the resources to lessen your troubles. To enable you better in program implementation, you receive Monthly Action Program training. There are also exclusive live events for you.

The incentives, rewards and recognitions are considerably superior when compared to any similar program. This is what makes becoming an IBO one of the most lucrative employment opportunities around. Become an TV Independent Business Owner today.

TV is the only company which offers you the unbelievable benefits of the Power Matrix. This is a new, exciting and immensely effective way of taking your compensation levels to a new high.

The wonder of Power Matrix is that it assures you of immense wealth even when you are not called upon to work so hard at it. In fact, your matrix payouts start soon as you sponsor 4 IBO's.

Your commissions start to multiply when your sponsored IBO's sponsor their in turn. With addition of every level, your income grows in geometric progression. And that is the power of a Power Matrix.

So if you don't like a cap on your earnings, become an IBO today.

TV implies that there is no cap on your earnings. There is also no cap on the time period within which you can make the earnings. This is the benefit of Spill that adds to your efforts.

As you sponsor and fill a level of your Power Matrix, new IBOs are automatically placed in the next available spot on the advanced matrix level. Thus you decide the rate of growth that you want to achieve.

Your Power Matrix holds the potential to explode your earnings. Spill fills your Power Matrix quickly and effortlessly when you sponsor new IBOs.

Spill also benefits you by helping IBOs that you have sponsored. Additional IBOs are placed within their Power Matrix adding to your matrix and incomes too.

Earning incredible amounts with TV is easy and fast.

A simple briefcase holds the key to magical income figures. The briefcase provides you with a Total Living Membership. You get Natural Cures Newsletter Subscription, Magic of Thinking Big, TV Total Living Catalogue and the Business Management Center.

The briefcase also contains How to Get Started Fast Manual, DVD containing TV infomercials to help you share the products and a Personal Website. To start earning with TV, this is all that you will need. In fact, with the personalized website you hold the potential to start earning from day one.

However, you get more than this. That includes a selection of the most popular products which have a retail value of over $600. You also get a CD with TV Adventures in Opportunity presentation and all the necessary business tools to get started.

Thus there are no elaborate procedures, no waiting periods and no limited growth. Become an Independent Business Owner today.

With TV Ventures, success is not a mystery. In fact, there are three factors to every success story.

The first one is being at the right place at the right time. There is no place for co-incidences in a success story. If you are the right place and at the right time, you see an opportunity that you should never lose.

The second factor is vision. The vision is:


Now this vision propels TV which is creating a history of wealth. Create your own vision of success, freedom and lifestyle. Do all it takes to realize it. Start here, start now.

The third factor and the critical factor is Massive Immediate Action. Without this the former two would remain mere conjectures. Take action, take control and you will achieve the financial freedom you desire.

Become an IBO today.

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