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Benefits of VeggieCal:

  • It provides your body with vitamin B12.
  • It contains naturally occurring calcium and essential vitamins, making your bones strong.
  • It contains potent calcium-rich array of whole food plants and herbs.
  • It provides all essential nutrients for your bones.


Calcium is a very significant mineral for human body, it helps in preventing osteoporosis. Recent studies show it is important for reducing risk of colon cancer, obesity, and high blood pressure. Veggie Cal supplies essential calcium and helps the body to absorb and retain calcium. Veggie Cal contains natural food concentrates including alfalfa, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, celery, collard greens, and kale providing calcium, magnesium, plus nutritional trace minerals and chlorophyll.

Our bones require large amounts of calcium, which help to make them strong and rigid. Calcium is also needed for many other functions of the body, including nerve and muscle functions and blood clotting. These other tasks are so crucial for survival, that, when dietary calcium is too less, calcium is extracted from bones and used for other vital functions.

Calcium, required for strong bones, is found in dark green leafy vegetables, tofu made with calcium sulfate, calcium-fortified soy milk and orange juice, and several other foods commonly eaten by vegans. But all of us do not have a sufficient intake of these calcium rich foods. VeggieCal is one of the most calcium rich plant and herb blends available in a tablet form. Concentrated with the white button mushroom, this calcium rich formula provides one of the most rich non-dairy vegetable sources of Vitamin D. VeggieCal contains minerals rich with whole food nutrients.

Good bone density achieved by the age of 18-25 normally lasts a lifetime, for people who have a proper plant-based diet. The disadvantage of milk and other dairy products is that they are not only calcium rich, but they are also high in protein, which has been proved to create calcium loss through the urinary tract. VeggieCal delivers pure vegetable calcium along with essential vitamins, minerals and cofactors, which help you to maintain healthy bones.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.



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